The Skybuy Online Bookshop

Posted: Sunday, 30 October 2016

In line with our policy to use technology to solve everyday social challenges, we have created the SkyBuy Online Bookshop ( SkyBuy assist you to check prices of school texbooks from various publishers, make orders, pay with ease and get your book(s) delivered within 3 days. The publishers include Aki Ola, GAST, Prof & Figures, Golden English Series and many more.  SkyBuy has been deployed on two platforms to enable you access the bookshop at your convenience. By dialing *714*56≠ on your MTN, Airtel and Vodafone you can access the mobile phone (handset) version. Click on for the web enabled version of SkyBuy.    

Making Payments Through a Mobile Money Agent

Posted: Friday, 13 March 2015

You can pay for a spare part you have ordered on the system by going to a mobile money agent, if you do not have a mobile money account. To do this: Identify the part (Item) Check the price of the part or item Make an order on the system using your mobile phone (the system will generate total cost and order code Contact mobile money agent and provide the order code Give the total cost as generated by the system to the mobile money agent. Mobile money agent makes payment through any of the following phone number (0265604815,  0571000800,   0540515667)  Payment will be made on your behalf and the part delivered as ordered Note that, a commission will be charged for this transaction