Request for Proposals

Posted: Friday, 14 September 2018

Terms of Reference and Call for Proposals (Financial and Technical) for SkyFox Website Redesign




SkyFox is a medium private, but a social enterprise, company operating in five countries in West Africa. It aspires to be a continental-wide company in the next five years. As part of the steps towards achieving this aspiration, its mission, vision, and strategic objectives, the company wants to redesign its website to make it relevant, effective and functional. We desire a website/homepage that will serve as the company’s virtual front door. 


The homepage, more importantly ought to be responsible for the majority of the website’s traffic. We are, therefore, looking for a good designing firm for our website to ensure that the website looks good and generate traffic and income to the business.


Objectives of the SkyFox new website


SkyFox is looking for a secured website that will properly optimize its vision, mission, strategic objectives, activities, services and products offered rather than just acting as a landing page. Therefore, the following objectives should guide the design of the new homepage/website:


1.     It should quickly identify what business(es) SkyFox deals in within the first few seconds of landing on the homepage. Visitors need to know if they are in the right place, otherwise they may not stick for long.


2.     It should have a headline on what the website has to offer within the first three seconds on landing on the website. This headline needs to be straightforward and precise. The headline must excite at least 50% of the visiting traffic. This hopefully will, in return, make people happy about the product(s) being offered.


3.     It should enable people engage and follow with the company on social media. So, social media link buttons need to be placed on the homepage in a consistent manner in an area whereby new visitors can easily find them without having to sweat in search for them. By increasing our social media following, we want to increase the eyes on our content and increase the number of visitors.


4.     It should serve as a tool for online marketing and communication. As a marketing & communication tool, it should serve our needs for branding, enhancing SkyFox corporate image, educate people about our business, sell SkyFox products and services, and be a live communication tool with our existing and potential customers.


5.     The site should have the potential for online payments and resource mobilization in the short- to medium-term. The website should be able to provide our customers with stable, reliable, secure and smooth online ordering/shopping experience. In other words, it needs to have all essential features for taking payments and mobilizing financial resources globally for investments and project execution.


6.     It should support and have a multi-language (especially English and French) feature.


7.     It should have in-built metrics, e.g. for tracking visitors and assessing the performance of the website.


8.     It should be mobile-compatible.


9.     It should be linkable to other subsidiary websites. 


Importance Note: this call for technical and financial proposals covers the development of one main website and one other subsidiary websites with the same objectives as outlined above. Technical and Financial Proposals should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. latest by the 25th of October 2018.


You can take a look at the current website at